Who We Are?

back way Gambia

Youths Against Irregular Migration (YAIM) is aimed at fighting against irregular migration by raising awareness and creating job opportunities for the youths of The Gambia and Africa at large.

The aim of the association is to improve the lives of people through poverty alleviation and income generating activities; thus bring about change in the lives of returnees through entrepreneurial skills
and skills acquisitions.

YAIM GambiaYAIM aims to raise awareness on irregular migration to reduce the incidence of irregular thus engage relevant authorities and stakeholders to support voluntary returnees with programs that gears towards improving their livelihoods in the communities.

This, YAIM is an association that focuses more on advocacy programs and believes that with advocacy, it can easily reintegrate voluntary returnees in the society.

YAIM is conscious of the need for youth to come together to form a common front with development partners in the quest to improve the lives of people country wide.

paterassTherefore, the members of the association are aware of the view that irregular migration (Back Way) is dangerous. The journey is risky, soon as you cross the Senegalese border, difficulties arises. From Mali to Burkina Faso to Niger is more or less a hell hole.

Some of us are beaten to death, some loose part of their money due to checkpoint payments, where you can even find rebels. Life changes, the food we ate, the places we sleep at, the water and food we had is far from what we used to know.

Niger (Agadez) the journey starts, the climate changes from very hot to very cold, limited water and food is managed for two weeks at most. When water finishes, the means of finding it is almost impossible, absolutely unexplainable. Some disguise as rebels, seize everything valuable and even serious beating are giving to some of us.

Thinking entering Libya will be end of the hardship whiles we.

It is against this backdrop, that we came together from different parts of the country together regardless of the political or religious background to form this association.

In this regard, the association deems it prudent to develop a constitution as a code of conduct operational under the purview of laws of the land, the supreme umbrella body of all organizations in The Gambia.

The association has also participated in the National Youth Conference and Festival (NaYConF 2017) in Basse, Upper River Region (URR) from the 16th to 22nd December, 2017. During the NaYConF 2017, the association did awareness raising on irregular migration and also participate in the thematic area number one that is Curbing Irregular Migration to Europe.

YAIM Gambia
YAIM Gambia

Currently we are conducting a Nationwide Awareness Raising Caravan, sensitising the people on the dangers involved in this Irregular Migration and see how best we can find a solution to end this
Backway phenomenon. We already spent five (5) days in the communities of North Bank Region (NBR) and Central River Region – North (CRR-N).

Some of our members are already going back to school and learn skills with the help of our partners in United Kingdom called Red Entertainment and Afro Culture.